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21 Okt

Open It Agency – Updates, Resources & Upcoming Dates



EN: Our blog has been quiet lately because we were and are super busy with a variety of activities and projects – like for example the Open Source Circular Economy Days. (Check out the Webpage and READ ME of that project.)

As an introduction to the Open Source Circular Economy Days, there is this recording of a PECHA KUCHA Talk (6 min/20 slides) Sam gave a couple of days before the first event explaining our vision and motivations behind it.   

DE: Unser Blog war eine ganze Weile still, weil wir sehr beschäftig waren und sind mit verschiedensten Aktivitäten und Projekten wie z.B. den Open Source Circular Economy Days. (Hier ist die Website und hier die LIES MICH dieses Projektes.)

Eine gute Einführung in die Open Source Circular Economy Days bietet die Aufnahme dieses Pecha Kucha Talks (6 Minuten, 20 Folien), den Sam ein paar Wochen vor dem Event gehalten hat (Video oben, englisch). Darin werden unsere Vision und Ideen gut erklärt.


EN: But over the past few months we were producing a lot of other resources alongside this. In this post we will share a few videos and podcasts we were part of or produced ourselves.

DE: Aber daneben haben wir in den letzten Monaten noch mehr Ressourcen produziert. In diesem Blogpost teilen wir einige Videos und Podcasts mit oder von uns.

What is Open Source? (English)

EN: For OSCEdays, we made a video explaining “What is Open Source.“ (English)

DE: Für die OSCEdays haben wir ein Video gemacht zur Frage „Was ist Open Source“ (english).


Open Source Hardware with Alex Shure (English)

EN: Here is a video with Alex chatting about Open Source Hardware at the POC21 Camp.  Sam was  also making weekly videos as Camera Libre from this 5 week camp on “Open Sourcing Sustainability” – an he’s currently working on a longer documentary about it. Read More

13 Okt

Open Energy Camp Berlin – Call for Participants


This is a repost from the Open State webpage.


“As announced in our previous blog post we´ll kick-off with our first Micro Camp format this December! A team of 10 – 20 people will take on one of the central questions of today:

How do we take our power back?

From December 12th – 16th we´ll focus on citizen-driven, renewable energy production.

We think it´s a great starting point, because the “Energiewende” over here in Germany has been quite a success story so far and is mainly carried by small producers throughout the country. But these days it´s under threat by a change of policies and a coherent, political strategy for the future is missing. Meanwhile, big industry players keep focussing their core business on climate killing coal…

Enough of that – let´s make our own energy! Read More

30 Sep

Makeitpedia – Kick-off Veranstaltung am 18. Oktober in Berlin

MakeitPedia Logo Temp

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Nikolai Wolfert der Gründer des Leihladen Leila-Berlin stößt gerade zusammen mit Maike Majewski ein neues Projekt an:

„Mit startet eine neue Plattform rund um DIY, Urban Gardening, Low-Tech-Selbstversorgung und Upcycling. Praxiswissen wird hier gesammelt und unter Creative-Commons Lizenzen allen frei zur Verfügung gestellt.“  

Am 18. Oktober findet in den Büros des Wikimedia e.V. am Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24, 10963 Berlin um 11 Uhr eine Kick-off Veranstaltung für das Projekt statt. Eingeladen sind alle, die am Projekt interessiert sind. Read More

10 Sep

Open Source Hardware & Sustainability/Nachhaltigkeit @Degrowth 2014

by Lars Zimmermann

english, deutsch

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Last week was the degrowth conference in Leipzig. More than 3500 people attended to discuss ideas for and strategies towards a sustainable future. I was invited to give a talk about the potentials of Open Source Hardware for sustainable companies, products and reslilient communities (see announcement & slideshow below). With me on stage was the p2p foundation founder Michel Bauwens. He presented some open source hardware agriculture projects and his commons-inspired view on the movement. John Restakis moderated our discussion very well. The session was filmed. As soon as the video is available online I will add it here to the resources and post the link in social networks.


[Video - soon]


Documentation written by one of the participants.

Session announcement in the Conference Calender

. . .

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Read More

31 Jul

Open Source Task Force #4 on October 9th / am 9ten Oktober

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The Open Source Task Force Number #4 will happen on October 9th, 10 am at Thinkfarm Berlin.

The Berlin-based Open Source Task Force is a regular open 6 hour meeting of people enthusiastic or just curious about Open Source, sharing opportunities, connect and develope plans and projects together. Let us know on the mailing list if you are going to attend for the first time and briefly introduce yourself there. We will be happy to hear from you and meet you there.


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Die Open Source Task Force Nummer 4 findet am 9ten Oktober 10 Uhr in der Thinkfarm Berlin statt. Read More

31 Jul

Open Source Task Force #3 Report: The Task Force


english, deutsch

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The Open Source Task Force met yesterday for the third time. We had a great bunch of people there: Manuela Bosch, Samuel Carlisle, Carolin Oelsner, Alex Shure, Sam Muirhead, Jan (Jannis) Roland, Lars Zimmermann & Nils Kaiser and via phone Friederike Abitz.

We were mostly discussing the future of the task force and how everything could go an and decided to experiment it as a regular open 6 hour meeting open for people enthusiastic or just curious about Open Source to share opportunities, connect and develope plans and projects together. There will be a mailing list open for everybody as Read More

22 Jul

Wear It Festival Berlin

english, deutsch

Wear It Poster

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Yeah! This year october 11 & 12 is in berlin the first Wear It Festival – „a two-day festival dedicated to wearable technology in Berlin. We provide a playground to experience the fun part of wearable electronics.“ It is initiated by Thomas Gnahm and Trafo Pop a Berlin based Open Source Wearable Electronics project. This year’s title is “Make your Dress Code”.

We will be there holding a workshop on business models.

Lars will give a keynote presenting his text-series on Open Source Hardware & Freedom adapted to the context of wearable electronics. See the picture below. Lars in his blog about this.

WEAR YOUR FREEDOM 1, by Lars Zimmermann, CC-BY-4:0>

Read More

09 Jun

Report OSHW & OD Meetup Berlin #1

OSHWMeetup Open It Agency - Lukas Wegwerth 2_

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The day before yesterday we had our first Open Source Hardware & Open Design Meetup Berlin and it was great. The room was full and the context of the Ouishare Summit Berlin well chosen. Interested and interesting people creating a good atmosphere for open source hardware.

OSHWMeetup Open It Agency - Lukas Wegwerth 3

We started as announced with a presentation by Lukas Wegwerth on Open Structures and his work with the grid. Hands on real open structures parts! Lukas received interesting questions and Read More

08 Mai

Open Source Hardware & Open Design Meetup Berlin #1

open source hardware & open design meetup berlin img1

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OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE and OPEN DESIGN are moving forward! Let’s start with community meetups in Berlin to learn from each other, connect us and expand the movement.

The first Meetup will kick off on Saturday June 7th at 4pm within the context of the SharingCityWeek / OuiShare Summit Berlin at Supermarkt (Brunnenstraße 64).

We will start with a presentation by the Berlin based designer Lukas Wegwerth who will introduce us to the Open Structures project and the development of a construction system within OpenStructures.

After that we will have an open Show & Tell where everybody is invited to share a project, ideas or questions and we will discuss all questions around technical details, documentation, business models and growing an open source hardware and open design network in Berlin. And we have already interesting people that will probably show up there. There is an open document for this part where you can put your name in:  

Please spread the word

The Meetup is organized by: Open Source Ecology Germany, the Open It Agency, OWi & The Year of Open Source/Camera Libre or 

Jenni, Lars, Nikolay, Sam & Alex

. . .

/* deutsch */

OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE und OPEN DESIGN entwickeln sich weiter! Lasst uns Community-Meetups in Berlin starten, um voneinander zu lernen, uns zu vernetzen und die Bewegung zu verbreitern.

Das erste Meetup findet am Samstag den 7ten Juni um 16 Uhr innerhalb der SharingCityWeek / dem OuiShare Summit Berlin im Supermarkt (Brunnenstraße 64) statt.

Wir werden mit einer Präsentation des Berliner Designers Lukas Wegwerth beginnen. Lukas wird über das Open Structures Projekt sprechen seine Vergangenheit und Zukunft und detailliert über die Entwicklung eines Konstruktions-Systems/Gerüstes innerhalb von Open Structures berichten.

Danach gibt es ein für jeden offenes Show & Tell wo jeder eingeladen ist, kurz ein Projekt vorzustellen und wir werden Fragen diskutieren zu technischen Details, Dokumentation, Geschäftsmodellen und der Bildung eines Open Source Hardware und Open Design Netzwerkes in Berlin. Für diesen Teil gibt es ein offenes Dokument, in dass ihr euch einfach eintragen könnt.  

Bitte verbreitet die Einladung.

Das Meetup wird organisiert von: Open Source Ecology Germany, der Open It Agentur, OWi & The Year of Open Source/Camera Libre oder

Jenni, Lars, Nikolay, Sam & Alex


01 Mai

Open It Agency Newsletter #1_ Grants & Conferences

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we would like to invite you to this somewhat regular Open Source Everything newsletter, the Open It Agency Newsletter. This first edition should give you a taste, packed with news, opportunities and events in the realm of Open Source Hardware and Open Source Everything. We’re featuring information on an Artist Residence Fellowship,  the OuiShare Summit in June and the first Open Source Hardware meetup in Berlin.

Now, please enjoy and read further for details and dates.


ThingsCon ( this week!

organised by the team at Knowable, ThingsCon covers all aspects of the hardware business, but you’ll also find a special track on Open Source Hardware – for medical devices, in robotics, 3D printing, circuitboards and open design.


OuiShare Fest and Open Source Festival Manual

Our Agency Member and Open Source Economist Lars Zimmermann will be speaking at the OuiShare Fest, May 5–7, in Paris. Alongside speakers of other great projects, like Open Source Beehives,  Lars will share his experience of organizing an open source Festival, like the OPENiT Festival last summer. If you can’t make it to Paris, you can check out this freshly finished How-To-manual here:


Artist in Residence Fellowship at the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Germany.

The fellowship is „aimed at both artists and scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary research interests between art, science and / or economy if they pursue an artistic background in their projects.“ 1025 Euro per month, apply by May 15th (if you apply in German it is May 31st). One of us (Lars) has already been there, it’s great! This could work pretty nicely for some open source projects (eg @KitRad – take a look, their main-focus right now is on energy!)
English Information:
German Information:


OUI Share Summit June 3–8 in Berlin

If you haven’t yet, you can still contribute to the summit with your projects, since it’s an open source organized “conFest” located in different places all over Berlin, connecting local players of the collaborative economy but also inviting people from the european OuiShare Network to come to Berlin.


Open Source Hardware Meetup Berlin (OSHW Meetup)

Together with Open source Ecology Germany we will be organising a regular get-together for people involved with or curious about Open Source Hardware. From DIY hacking and reverse engineering to open business models, community building, sustainability and documentation, we’ll have a changing lineup of speakers, lightning talks and activities, and plenty of time to talk nerdy with other people who share your passion. Let’s meet, share ideas and collaborate!

The first meetup will as part of the OuiShare Summit on June 7th at 4pm at Supermarkt Berlin (Brunnenstr. 64). But you will receive an extra invitation for that soon.


Coming up later this year:

OKFestival, Berlin, July 15-17 (

the last OKFestival, two years ago in Helsinki, was a mindblowing mix of all things ‘open’ – data, design, education, government, manufacturing, and much more. We’ll have an update once the programme is posted, but for now you can already secure your ticket or apply to volunteer.


OHSummit, Rome, Sep 30-Oct 01

The Open Hardware Summit is coming this way – ok, it’s not quite im Kiez, but for the first time it will be held on this side of the Atlantic! If you stay for the week you can catch MakerFaire Rome too (Oct 3-5)


All the best

Jenni, Sam, Lars

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20 Mrz

OuiShare Fest Paris 2014 – Marketing & Speaking

QuiShare Bild


/ * english * /

The Ouishare Fest is something in-between a conference and a festival celebrating the shareconomy. After the successful first event in 2013, it’s coming back this year with the guiding theme “The Age Of Communities”.

We are involved in two ways:

Jenni Ottilie Keppler is developing and designing different sharing-based guerrilla marketing campaigns for the event. One of the campaigns are “The Traveling Books Of Sharing“ and a more conventional one is the sharing of “Questagrams” (Documentation will follow).

Lars Zimmermann will be a speaker at the conference. See the list of speakers.

Check out the other great speakers and organizers at their webpage and if you can make it come to Paris in May.


/ * deutsch * /

Das Ouishare Fest ist etwas zwischen Konferenz und Festival über die Ökonomie und Kultur des Teilens (Sharing & Collaborative Economy). Nach dem erfolgreichen Start des Ouishare Fest im Jahr 2013 gibt es dieses Jahr eine neue Ausgabe, die als Thema “The Age Of Communities” hat.

 Jenni Ottilie Keppler ist mit der Entwicklung und Gestaltung von neuen, offenen und auf Teilen beruhenden „Guerilla-Markting“ Konzepten für das Fest beauftragt.  Eine Kampagne davon ist “The Traveling Books Of Sharing” und eine weitere, eher konventionelle Kampagne ist das Teilen von “Questagrams”. (Dokumentation folgt)

Lars Zimmermann ist als Sprecher auf der Konferenz. Die Liste der Sprecher gibt es hier.

Auf der Website des gibt es viele weitere interessante Sprecher und Mitorganisatoren bzw. Links zu deren Projekten. Einfach anschauen oder falls möglich direkt selbst nach Paris kommen im Mai.


22 Feb

Zwischen Maschinen, Laien & Experten: Open Design & Open Source Hardware als Interdisziplinaritäts- / Transdisziplinaritätsproblem

humboldt /* no english version available */

Auf Einladung wird Lars (Open it Agentur) nächste Woche am 28.02.2014 einen Vortrag halten an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin. Anlass ist ein Werkstatttag mit dem Titel: (Ver)Suchen, (Er)Proben: Forschungsmethoden und Wissensobjekte zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst. Die Themen sind „Interdisziplinarität“ und „Transdisziplinarität“.

Der Vortrag wird Anlass und Ort entsprechend natürlich etwas akademischer sein aber dennoch konkret und interaktiv. Eine gute Möglichkeit unsere Forschung voranzutreiben.


„Zwischen Maschinen, Laien & Experten: Open Design & Open Source Hardware als Interdisziplinaritäts-/Transdisziplinaritätsproblem“


Stephanorrhina-guttataOpen Design/Open Source Hardware versprechen, dass hier viele verschiedenen Leute zusammenarbeiten und gemeinsam Dinge erschaffen können. Es gibt aber ein großes Gefälle – die Sprachen gehen auseinander: Ingenieure und Gestalter, Laien und Experten, Maschinen und Menschen müssten auf einer für alle gleichermaßen zugänglichen und interessanten Ebene miteinander sprechen können. Welche Informations- und Wissenstauschkultur entsteht hier?

Der Vortrag wird 14:00 Uhr stattfinden. Die Veranstaltung ist offen für alle Interessierten und kostenfrei. Um Anmeldung unter wird gebeten (begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl).

Weitere Informationen zum Programm und ringsherum gibt es hier.


Bild: Stephanorrhina-guttata, by: H. Krisp, CC-BY 3.0

06 Jan

Open Source Hardware & Design Business Model Workshops @Betahaus Berlin

OSHWBM Workshop Jan14 - Green

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On Jan 23rd 2014, 18_00 – 21_00, there will be a workshop @Betahaus Berlin (Open Design City) about Open Source Hardware & Open Design Business Models. Come by.

LINK to Betahaus Announcement

_ _ _ _ _
A n o u n c e m e n t:

The world is going open source! And this brings fundamental changes to our economy, enterprises and lives. And it is a good thing. Going open with your design, business and products gives you a lot of new possibilies to grow, develope yourself and your environment. But it also asks for new and fitting business models to it. This lecture & workshop will be about both.

The 3 hour workshop will contain a lecture and than activate your creativity on open source hardware & design business models.

Invent a business model for your project or compagny or just play around with the given information, ideas and storys to gain a deeper understanding and creative access to the area.

Requirements: None, suited for all levels.

Price: 35 Euro
_ _ _ _ _

Book Your Place here

For Questions contact Lars: / +49 (0) 176 218 65 009