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02 Dez

Open Ephys – Open Hardware in Neuro-Science

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In our Open Source Project of the Week series we feature this time Open Ephys.

Open Ephys showcases and distributes tools for electrophysiology research that are open-source, thoroughly documented, and field-tested.

Behind the project are the two neuroscientists Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts [MIT].


I came across this project by listening to the Open Source Hardware Group podcast episode number 42 and it got me really exited. Here are some scientists embracing the growing open science movement also on the hardware side! If you listen to the podcast (which i recommend) you’ll hear Read More

22 Jul

Wear It Festival Berlin

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Wear It Poster

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Yeah! This year october 11 & 12 is in berlin the first Wear It Festival – „a two-day festival dedicated to wearable technology in Berlin. We provide a playground to experience the fun part of wearable electronics.“ It is initiated by Thomas Gnahm and Trafo Pop a Berlin based Open Source Wearable Electronics project. This year’s title is “Make your Dress Code”.

We will be there holding a workshop on business models.

Lars will give a keynote presenting his text-series on Open Source Hardware & Freedom adapted to the context of wearable electronics. See the picture below. Lars in his blog about this.

WEAR YOUR FREEDOM 1, by Lars Zimmermann, CC-BY-4:0>

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