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05 Dez

InlineCleaner – Open Source Hardware Filmreiniger



Ein Gastbeitrag von “Die Filmretter”:

Will man alte Filme archivieren oder gar digitalisieren, muss man sie fachgerecht reinigen. Die Film-Retter haben dafür ein Gerät entwickelt und mitsamt einer detaillierten Bauanleitung als Open Source Hardware veröffentlicht. Und so kam es dazu.

Die Freude ist grofl: Man findet alte Super-8-Filme auf dem Speicher oder im Keller! Dann der Schock: Viele Jahre haben Spuren in Form von Staub und Schmutz hinterlassen. Read More

02 Dez

Open Ephys – Open Hardware in Neuro-Science

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In our Open Source Project of the Week series we feature this time Open Ephys.

Open Ephys showcases and distributes tools for electrophysiology research that are open-source, thoroughly documented, and field-tested.

Behind the project are the two neuroscientists Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts [MIT].


I came across this project by listening to the Open Source Hardware Group podcast episode number 42 and it got me really exited. Here are some scientists embracing the growing open science movement also on the hardware side! If you listen to the podcast (which i recommend) you’ll hear Read More

03 Nov

Open Farming Machinery

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In our Open Source Project of the Week series we feature this time not a certain company or project but a whole category:

open source agricultural machinery

While probably the most development of open source hardware currently happens in electronics there is also a big and growing number of projects and companies active in the field of agricultural machinery. Why is that?

I think one of the reasons is quite obvious. The business model is very clear. When you are in agriculture your business is to sell for example vegetables, crops, eggs and meat, not the machines you use to produce them. You don’t compete on the level of the machines you compete on the level of what you produce using the machines and how effective you are doing that. The business model is even to a non-expert very obvious: Produce and sell vegetables. Does open source hardware helps to do that better?

a. Some weeks ago I was on a podium with Michel Bauwens & John Restakis. And Michel Bauwens explained that the costs of open source hardware is only 1/8 of the costs of IP based designs. In proprietary devices Read More

03 Okt

Lights, Camera, Axiom – a Conversation with Apertus Open Source Cinema

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A conversation with the Apertus Open Source Cinema team as they take on the might of the film industry.

Industries, as they go, don’t get much more closed than cinema:
Ultra-hierarchical teams working in the service of some of the world’s largest corporations, using expensive, closed equipment to capture proprietary formats, edited on more closed equipment using proprietary software and finally delivered in a locked-down format under a business model entirely based on maintaining a copyright monopoly.

So as an open-source-obsessed videographer with plenty of experience working in this very closed environment, it is a great relief and also hugely exciting to be joining what I hope will be somewhat of a revolution in the field. I’ve put my name (and my money) down to be one of the first to own an open source hardware professional cinema camera, the Apertus Axiom.
The project is hardly a get-rich-quick scheme for its founders, as they’re selling this first beta batch of cameras through a crowdfunding campaign at cost price (50% off retail).

The idea of going through the entire product development and running a stressful crowdfunding campaign without making a cent of profit might sound a bit backward, but I suppose allowing anyone to modify, improve and sell their design could be seen as crazy too.
But the strength of any open source project is its community – and while software projects are able to pick up users and developers at almost zero cost, growing a community where the barrier to entry includes buying a €6000 camera is a different matter.
In this context, it makes sense to focus the first batch entirely on getting a critical mass of users, testers and bug fixers around the project. This community can then be built upon in the coming years with new batches, new models, modules and improvements.

A few months ago I met Oscar Spierenberg, Herbert Poetzl, Sebastian Pichelhofer and their working prototype in Berlin to talk about the project, its development and their open source approach.

Photo: Apertus

 SM: Can you introduce yourselves and tell me a little about the Apertus project?
Sebastian: Oscar founded Apertus more than Read More

18 Aug

Tesla Motors

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In our Open Source Project of the Week series we feature this time Tesla Motors:

Tesla Motors designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components.

Is Tesla Motors strictly speaking open source hardware? Nope, until now they don’t share their full design files. But Tesla Motors made another move that makes it worth to be featured here: In 2014 Tesla Motors opened up all their patents – „All Our Patents Are Belong To You“.


Tesla Supercharger

So Tesla understands open source platform strategies and tries to make it work to solve for example one of their biggest issues: How to make the network of charging stations grow and electro-mobility more comfortable for its users and by that a bigger success? Tesla provides now the new possible open industry standard. And only a few weeks later the move already seems to pay off.

Openness as a strategy towards growth:

“we believe applying the open source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla’s position” (Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors, qoute source)

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Read More

29 Jul

OpenPCR & Biohacking

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OpenPCR Screenshot

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Our Open Source Project of the Week is OpenPCR:

OpenPCR is a low-cost, yet accurate thermocycler you build yourself, capable of reliably controlling PCR reactions for DNA detection, sequencing, and other applications.

What is a PCR? It is short for „Polymerars Chain Reaction“ and it is a biochemical technology in molecular biology used to amplify a single or a few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. (WP) So it is basically a DNA printer or copy machine, laboratory equipment. Buy your OpenPCR kit or download all design files for it under under the GNU GPLv3 from the webpage of Open PCR.


Bio Hackerspaces

OpenPCR is an example for a machine used and created by the open biolab/biohacker space scene that is developing all over the world. See for example La Paillasse in France, Open BioLab in Graz or Biotinkering in Berlin. Read More

23 Jun

Open Bug Farms

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Our Open Source Project of the Week is „Open Bug Farms“. Yes -

It is a little farm to grow insects for you to eat.

I know and understand, that a lot of people will not like the idea of eating insects. But the Open Bug Farms Project was chosen to present here because it has a really well made webpage and project structure where a lot of projects can learn a lot from and they have an easy to understand and very convincing business model. Go visit the page and buy a farm, if you like. Enjoy your meal : – )


Read More

05 Jun

Open Desk – Open?

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openesk screenshot

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Our Open Source Project we like to point out this week is Open Desk.

OpenDesk uses digital fabrication to connect you directly with designers and makers.  OpenDesk is a global platform for local making. You can use it to download, make and buy furniture for your work space.

Open Desk delivers several furniture designs. You can either download the CAD files and build it yourself – „make it yourself“ – or you can use the „get it made“ function on their website which will lead you to a page that connects you to a digital fabricator – a registered maker – (hopefully) in your neighborhood.

There is one downside to the project when it comes to openness though: Most of the designers use a non-commercial license for their designs. This means that the tables are not open source hardware in a strict sense following the OSHW definition. But we present the project anyway for two reasons:

(1)    One design is fully open the wiki-booth

(2)    They offer well crafted explanations what is covered by non-commercial and what not. And if you click Read More

27 Mai

The Open Structures

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Our Open Source Project of the Week is Open Structures:

„The OS (OpenStructures) project explores the possibility of a modular construction model where everyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid. It initiates a kind of collaborative Meccano to which everybody can contribute parts, components and structures.“

SCA_31Although the Open Structures project is around for a while for some it might still seem in an early stage. As the people of Open Structures told us, they were caught up in an art-gallery context during the last years but now working slowly their way beyond that. They plan this year the first parts for selling themselve and you are of course invited to do the same.

Lukas Wegwerth a berlin based designer works a lot with open structures. He developed a framework with it and installs it professionally for galleries and bars. He will present the Open Strucutures project and his work at our Open Source Hardware Meetup Berlin No1 at the June 7 at 4pm at Supermarkt Berlin. Read More

14 Mai

InMoov – Open Source 3D Printed Robot

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Our Open Source Hardware Project of the Week is the InMoov Robotan open source 3d printed life size robot.


Watch a 3min video with an impressive testrun of voice commands and gesture capture and here is another one with an interview with the inventor Gael Langevin.

The aim of this project is to build a humanoid robot that can be animated, and made with 3d printing. It can be steered by gesture control and speech recognition. It is controlled by arduino, all parts can be made on 3D printers.


InMoov is a composite of servos, Arduinos, microphones, cameras, and a computer. All 3d parts are made with the Free Software Blender.

The InMoov service software allows initialization and Read More

08 Mai


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OSVehicle Tabby

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Not the first and for shure not the last Open Source Vehicle. Our Open Source Project of the Week is Tabby „an industrializable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis.“ An open source platform for building cars with open standards. After logging in you can download source files.

As we are discussing Open Source for the Automotive Industry lately a lot, we are very happy about Tabbys media-success and hope that they will draw some of the attention of this industry to the field of open source, open up some minds and ears.

Visit their website.

TED Talk on Tubby

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Nicht das erste und bestimmt nicht das letzte Open Source Fahrzeug: Unser Open Source Projekt der Woche ist Tabby „ein industrialisierbarer, produktionsfertiger, vielseitiger und universeller Chassis.“ Eine offene Platform für die Herstellung von Autos mit offenen Standards. Nachdem man sich auf der Website eingloggt hat, kann man hier Source Files herunterladen.

Da wir hier in letzter Zeit öfter Open Source für die Automobilindustrie diskutieren, sind wir sehr froh über Tabbys Medienerfolg und hoffen, dass damit mehr Aufmerksamkeit der Automobilindustrie in Richtung Open Source gelenkt wird – Ohren und Köpfe sich öffnen.

Die Website von Tabby besuchen.

Einen TED Talk zu Tabby gibt es oben oder hier.


 Picture by OSV, CC-BY-SA 3.0

02 Mai

Alex Shure – Etemu – C3POW

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Our first Open Source Project of the Week is not a project but a person. Alex Shure is an artificer/electronic engineer who is active in the field of open source hardware for a while now within many different projects. We are also happy to welcome him within our Open It Agency network.

Amongst other things Alex works on the wind-turbine for Open Source Ecology and he developed the C3POW (working title)a hackable open source haptic wireless input device with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors and capacitive touch inputs.


„People ask me when i openly present C3POW – ‚Aren’t you afraid, that someone copies your idea?’ And i say ‚No, i’am afraid of that noone will do this!’“ There you got Alex’ profound understanding of Open Source Dynamics.

Hey Alex, what can people ask or hire you for?

„I am available for freelancing for any interesting projects which hit my expertise ( I can give advice about which tools and people to use for a concept. I am actively interleaved in a network spanning from woodworking, electronic, hard-, software engineering, cnc manufacturing to artists and even Open Source chefs.“


Website, Blog, Twitter of Alex Shure

. . .

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Unser erstes Open Source Projekt der Woche ist kein Einzelprojekt sondern eine Person. Alex Shure ist ein Erfinder der schon länger aktiv im Feld von Open Source Hardware ist und zu vielen Projekten beigetragen oder sie entwickelt hat. Wir freuen uns auch, ihn in unserem Open It Agentur Netzwerk begrüßen zu dürfen.


Neben anderen Dingen arbeitet Alex z.B. am Windturbinen-Projekt von Open Source Ecology und er hat die C3POW (Arbeitstitel) entwickelt  – ein hackbares, haptisches open source Multieingabegerät mit verschiedenen Sensoren.

„Leute fragen mich oft, wenn ich C3POW präsentiere, ob ich keine Angst hätte, das jemand die Idee kopiert. Und dann sage ich immer: ‚nein, ich habe Angst, dass das nicht passiert.’“ Das zeigt uns Alex’ tiefes Verständnis von Open Source Dynamiken.

Hey Alex, wofür können Leute dich buchen oder wonach dich fragen?

„Ich bin verfügbar für interessante Projekte, die zu meiner Expertise passen ( Ich kann Beratung geben darüber, welche Werkzeuge und Leute für welches Konzept geeignet sind. Ich habe ein Netzwerk welches von Holzbearbeitung über Hard- & Softwareentwicklung, CNC-Arbeiten bis hin zu Künstlern und sogar Open Source Chefköchen reicht.“

Website, Blog, Twitter of Alex Shure

All Pictures by Etemu, CC-BY-SA