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05 Dez

InlineCleaner – Open Source Hardware Filmreiniger



Ein Gastbeitrag von “Die Filmretter”:

Will man alte Filme archivieren oder gar digitalisieren, muss man sie fachgerecht reinigen. Die Film-Retter haben dafür ein Gerät entwickelt und mitsamt einer detaillierten Bauanleitung als Open Source Hardware veröffentlicht. Und so kam es dazu.

Die Freude ist grofl: Man findet alte Super-8-Filme auf dem Speicher oder im Keller! Dann der Schock: Viele Jahre haben Spuren in Form von Staub und Schmutz hinterlassen. Read More

21 Okt

Open It Agency – Updates, Resources & Upcoming Dates



EN: Our blog has been quiet lately because we were and are super busy with a variety of activities and projects – like for example the Open Source Circular Economy Days. (Check out the Webpage and READ ME of that project.)

As an introduction to the Open Source Circular Economy Days, there is this recording of a PECHA KUCHA Talk (6 min/20 slides) Sam gave a couple of days before the first event explaining our vision and motivations behind it.   

DE: Unser Blog war eine ganze Weile still, weil wir sehr beschäftig waren und sind mit verschiedensten Aktivitäten und Projekten wie z.B. den Open Source Circular Economy Days. (Hier ist die Website und hier die LIES MICH dieses Projektes.)

Eine gute Einführung in die Open Source Circular Economy Days bietet die Aufnahme dieses Pecha Kucha Talks (6 Minuten, 20 Folien), den Sam ein paar Wochen vor dem Event gehalten hat (Video oben, englisch). Darin werden unsere Vision und Ideen gut erklärt.


EN: But over the past few months we were producing a lot of other resources alongside this. In this post we will share a few videos and podcasts we were part of or produced ourselves.

DE: Aber daneben haben wir in den letzten Monaten noch mehr Ressourcen produziert. In diesem Blogpost teilen wir einige Videos und Podcasts mit oder von uns.

What is Open Source? (English)

EN: For OSCEdays, we made a video explaining “What is Open Source.“ (English)

DE: Für die OSCEdays haben wir ein Video gemacht zur Frage „Was ist Open Source“ (english).


Open Source Hardware with Alex Shure (English)

EN: Here is a video with Alex chatting about Open Source Hardware at the POC21 Camp.  Sam was  also making weekly videos as Camera Libre from this 5 week camp on “Open Sourcing Sustainability” – an he’s currently working on a longer documentary about it. Read More

19 Okt

Open Source Circular Economy Days



EN: We helped to initiate and build the Open Source Circular Economy Days – a global Event and Community on Open Source for Circular Economy. This project is very active. Check it out.

We did the Design, most of the Tech-Infrastructure and the Collaboration-Design as well as a lot of the Documentation.

DE: Wir haben die Open Source Circular Economy Days mitinitiiert, gestaltet und organisiert. Die Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) sind ein globales Event und eine globale Community rings um das Thema Open Source für Kreislaufwirtschaft. Das Projekt ist sehr aktiv.

Wir haben das Design erstellt, die gesamte Webinfrastruktur aufgesetzt, das Zusammenarbeitsdesign entwickelt und große Teile der Dokumentation verfasst.


EN: 33 Cities from 5 Continents joined and collaborated in 2015

DE: 33 Städte von 5 Kontinenten haben 2015 teilgenommen miteinander gearbeitet.

osced png

Join this network and process :-)







03 Feb

Open Source Cinema, Open Source Clothing & Open Source Circular Economy – Interview {Podcast} with Sam Muirhead

Source Code Berlin

Source Code Berlin – the Berlin based podcast by Wikimedia Deutschland looking into creativity and innovation in fields related to open source technology – interviewed our member Sam Muirhead.

Sam shares insights into Open Source Cinema, Open Source Clothing, Open Source Communities vs. Individuals and Open Source Circular Economy. Enjoy!

 Source Code Berlin


17 Nov

WETURN – Openness for Circular Economy

english, deutsch


/* english */

Some month ago we met Max Fabian at our Open-Source-Hardware-Meetup in Berlin. He shared our interest & idea of Open Source for Circular Economy and was in the process of developing a thesis on it. We talked and got a little involved with the work. Max finished the thesisn called “WeTurn”. You can find a link to it below.

WeTurn is a Scenario for a participative web-based platform for feeding materials back into various cascading circular material flows. At the same time it is a network which allows users and companies to contribute and use knowledge, in order to deal with different materials or service cycles.


overview material flows weturn-platform

Max’ work was developed with consultations from EPEA the cradle to cradle institute and was already discussed with some representatives of the chemical industry in germany.

We decided to use WeTurn as a basis and starting point for further Read More

15 Okt

IPO Tables Project started

english, deutsch


/* english */

I (Lars) started with the support of the Open It Agency a new project born out of OWi on:

Open Source and Circular Economy.

The IPO tables project is for now focussing on experimenting and research. There is already a webpage in english and german and we are in the process of creating and doing first steps: we partnered up with Open State and will make IPO documentation and communication experiments during the camps and last weekend we did a little 2 day hack-sprint with Pavlik Elf setting up a simple IPO tables software prototype (more soon at the IPO tables webpage).

We are searching for more supporters and partners for the project. Questions? Ideas? Get in touch.

.  .  .

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Read More

10 Sep

Open Source Hardware & Sustainability/Nachhaltigkeit @Degrowth 2014

by Lars Zimmermann

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Last week was the degrowth conference in Leipzig. More than 3500 people attended to discuss ideas for and strategies towards a sustainable future. I was invited to give a talk about the potentials of Open Source Hardware for sustainable companies, products and reslilient communities (see announcement & slideshow below). With me on stage was the p2p foundation founder Michel Bauwens. He presented some open source hardware agriculture projects and his commons-inspired view on the movement. John Restakis moderated our discussion very well. The session was filmed. As soon as the video is available online I will add it here to the resources and post the link in social networks.


[Video - soon]


Documentation written by one of the participants.

Session announcement in the Conference Calender

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Read More

14 Jul

Open Standards in the Packaging Industry / Offene Standards in der Verpackungsindustrie

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In our Open It Agency we are putting together a task force on open source and packaging, made up of people working in Open Source, the packaging industry, Eco-design and similar fields. We want to bring Open Source into the packaging industry in order to design and organize ecofriendly, sustainable, recyclable, regenerative or cradle to cradle packaging. Which promising strategies from the open source ecosystem can be adapted in a financially sustainable way for packaging manufacturers, while also being ecologically sustainable?

On the search for Open Standards

osp 1zOne of the key questions that immediately pop up is of course that of open standards. A successful open standard in the packaging industry are PET-bottles, which are sold in Germany with a refundable 25c deposit. (Similarly glass beer bottles can be returned to any shop in exchange for their 8c deposit. The bottles are mostly standard shapes and sizes, meaning they can be shared between companies, but the brands are still clearly identifiable thanks to their unique labels and caps.) Although the PET-bottles are not recycled 100% due to the current collection methods and material properties, 30% of them are in an unmixed material cycle. Why aren’t there more examples like this? Why aren’t there better examples than this? Read More

18 Dez

OWi Project

Lars Zimmermann


/* english */

The OWi project is about Open Source for Ecological Economy. How to invent, develope and organize an recycling-economy using and exploring the potential of open design and open source hardware for communication, innovation and collaboration. OWi creates experiments,  does media-work, collects and produces content and supports and developes projects. To the page >>


/* deutsch */

Das OWi Projekt kombiniert Open Source mit ökologischer Wirtschaft. Stoffkreisläufe, Recycling und regenerative Gestaltung durch offene Baupläne, offene Kommunikation und offene Innovation. OWi entwickelt dazu praktische Experimente und Beispiele, macht Medienarbeit, sammelt und erstellt Materialien und unterstützt Projekte. Das Projekt ist offen. Zur Seite >>


OWi Logo Haus Oben

OWi Logo _1000