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Open Energy Camp Berlin – Call for Participants


This is a repost from the Open State webpage.


“As announced in our previous blog post we´ll kick-off with our first Micro Camp format this December! A team of 10 – 20 people will take on one of the central questions of today:

How do we take our power back?

From December 12th – 16th we´ll focus on citizen-driven, renewable energy production.

We think it´s a great starting point, because the “Energiewende” over here in Germany has been quite a success story so far and is mainly carried by small producers throughout the country. But these days it´s under threat by a change of policies and a coherent, political strategy for the future is missing. Meanwhile, big industry players keep focussing their core business on climate killing coal…

Enough of that – let´s make our own energy!

If you are working on small scale energy production, be it windmills, windbelts, solar concentrators or what so ever, and you love open source as much as we do, bring them on!
Please notice that we are looking for people and projects actually working on stuff with first functional prototypes, not only “ideas”.

You hack and play, we´ll take care of the rest: Food & drinks, the infrastructure, a great crew to support you, the materials you need and possibly some Berlin street action.


What´s in it for you, why should you join the Open Energy Micro Camp?

  1. The main thing we want to offer to you is a top notch documentation of your work. As you might know Open State is focussing on making sustainable open source products accessible to everybody. We think that a thought through, state of the art design-driven documentation could motivate more people to start tinkering on their own. So you´ll build stuff and we´ll try our very best to document it and put it online for anybody to take and build upon your work.
  2. All material parts you use will be yours.
  3. We´ll bring together innovative energy projects like yours that we think make a great match together. They will run through our method of inspiration, prototyping and storytelling and we hope to end up with a feasible tool that can be further developed by our network of makers out there.
  4. If the quality of the actual camp output is good enough to be tested in a real world environment we have implementation partners at hand reaching from a school in rural India to housing projects in Berlin or an old castle in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Be among the first makers & shakers in Open State history! This is the starting point of it all and our best ideas will be taken to Paris, where we plan to confront the COP21 Climate Summit in November 2015. Let´s show that the solutions for a just and citizen-driven climate future are out there and ready to go!”


To read more, find links and learn how to get involved read the blogpost at the page of Open State.

PIC: Untitled, by ZOE (flickr), CC-BY

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