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Open It Agency Newsletter #1_ Grants & Conferences

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we would like to invite you to this somewhat regular Open Source Everything newsletter, the Open It Agency Newsletter. This first edition should give you a taste, packed with news, opportunities and events in the realm of Open Source Hardware and Open Source Everything. We’re featuring information on an Artist Residence Fellowship,  the OuiShare Summit in June and the first Open Source Hardware meetup in Berlin.

Now, please enjoy and read further for details and dates.


ThingsCon (http://thingscon.com/) this week!

organised by the team at Knowable, ThingsCon covers all aspects of the hardware business, but you’ll also find a special track on Open Source Hardware – for medical devices, in robotics, 3D printing, circuitboards and open design.


OuiShare Fest and Open Source Festival Manual

Our Agency Member and Open Source Economist Lars Zimmermann will be speaking at the OuiShare Fest, May 5–7, in Paris. Alongside speakers of other great projects, like Open Source Beehives,  Lars will share his experience of organizing an open source Festival, like the OPENiT Festival last summer. If you can’t make it to Paris, you can check out this freshly finished How-To-manual here: http://openitagency.eu/openit-festival


Artist in Residence Fellowship at the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Germany.

The fellowship is „aimed at both artists and scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary research interests between art, science and / or economy if they pursue an artistic background in their projects.“ 1025 Euro per month, apply by May 15th (if you apply in German it is May 31st). One of us (Lars) has already been there, it’s great! This could work pretty nicely for some open source projects (eg @KitRad – take a look, their main-focus right now is on energy!)
English Information: http://www.stiftung-kuenstlerdorf.de/stipendien.html
German Information: http://www.stiftung-kuenstlerdorf.de/english.html


OUI Share Summit www.strikingly.com/ouisharesummitberlin June 3–8 in Berlin

If you haven’t yet, you can still contribute to the summit with your projects, since it’s an open source organized “conFest” located in different places all over Berlin, connecting local players of the collaborative economy but also inviting people from the european OuiShare Network to come to Berlin.


Open Source Hardware Meetup Berlin (OSHW Meetup)

Together with Open source Ecology Germany we will be organising a regular get-together for people involved with or curious about Open Source Hardware. From DIY hacking and reverse engineering to open business models, community building, sustainability and documentation, we’ll have a changing lineup of speakers, lightning talks and activities, and plenty of time to talk nerdy with other people who share your passion. Let’s meet, share ideas and collaborate!

The first meetup will as part of the OuiShare Summit on June 7th at 4pm at Supermarkt Berlin (Brunnenstr. 64). But you will receive an extra invitation for that soon.


Coming up later this year:

OKFestival, Berlin, July 15-17 (http://2014.okfestival.org/)

the last OKFestival, two years ago in Helsinki, was a mindblowing mix of all things ‘open’ – data, design, education, government, manufacturing, and much more. We’ll have an update once the programme is posted, but for now you can already secure your ticket or apply to volunteer.


OHSummit, Rome, Sep 30-Oct 01

The Open Hardware Summit is coming this way – ok, it’s not quite im Kiez, but for the first time it will be held on this side of the Atlantic! If you stay for the week you can catch MakerFaire Rome too (Oct 3-5)  http://www.oshwa.org/2014/04/28/open-hardware-summit-2014-rome/


All the best

Jenni, Sam, Lars

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