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14 Jul

Open Standards in the Packaging Industry / Offene Standards in der Verpackungsindustrie

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In our Open It Agency we are putting together a task force on open source and packaging, made up of people working in Open Source, the packaging industry, Eco-design and similar fields. We want to bring Open Source into the packaging industry in order to design and organize ecofriendly, sustainable, recyclable, regenerative or cradle to cradle packaging. Which promising strategies from the open source ecosystem can be adapted in a financially sustainable way for packaging manufacturers, while also being ecologically sustainable?

On the search for Open Standards

osp 1zOne of the key questions that immediately pop up is of course that of open standards. A successful open standard in the packaging industry are PET-bottles, which are sold in Germany with a refundable 25c deposit. (Similarly glass beer bottles can be returned to any shop in exchange for their 8c deposit. The bottles are mostly standard shapes and sizes, meaning they can be shared between companies, but the brands are still clearly identifiable thanks to their unique labels and caps.) Although the PET-bottles are not recycled 100% due to the current collection methods and material properties, 30% of them are in an unmixed material cycle. Why aren’t there more examples like this? Why aren’t there better examples than this? Read More

16 Jun

Open-Source-Task-Force: Regenerative Verpackungen & Avoccado


Open Source for a smarter and ecological packaging-industry?

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Last Thursday we met to talk about regenerative (cradle-to-cradle) design packaging for products, possible open source approaches for this and a possible collaboration on an example product. Open Source for a smarter and ecological packaging industry? This first meeting (held in German) was mainly for exchanging expertise, getting to know each other and exploring the field, as well as possible strategies. We are using some techniques of Dragon Dreaming brought in by Friederike Lilien Lan Abitz & Manuela Bosch (Vanilla Way), who are also savvy in the packaging industry and brand building. More guidance and input comes from Carolin Oelsner who has a strong communication design portfolio and is a member of the Sustainable Design Center. Find some documentation from the meeting below Read More