Year of Open Source

Sam Muirhead


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In the Year of Open Source, videographer Sam Muirhead (Open it Agency) tried to live as Open Source as possible for a whole year – avoiding traditionally copyrighted products, using products released under open licenses, or adapting or developing his own. In every aspect of his life, from the clothes he wore to the equipment and appliances he used, he was (and still is) looking for and switching to open source alternatives, in hardware, software and services. The Year of Open Source was documented in writing and video:  Visit the page.

Writing samples:
Siri, Print Me a Chair (Open Design & Digital Manufacturing)
My Year of Living Open Source –


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Im Projekt Year of Open Source hat der Filmemacher Sam Muirhead (Open it Agency) ein Jahr lang soweit wie möglich ausschließlich mit und von Open Source Produkten gelebt. Das Jahr und einige der dabei verwendeten Produkte und dahinterstehenden Unternehmen und Projekte wurden dabei dokumentiert. Zur Seite

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